Digital Wedding Invitation Video: Learn The Advantages

September 12, 2017

Digital Wedding Invitation Video

Digital Wedding Invitation Video | Image Resource :

Every one’s wedding is special and the most important part is the Wedding Invitation. Times have changed from expensive paper printed wedding cards to the trendy digital invitations. The most beautiful part of the digital experience is people remember the personal and visual touch along with the Wedding Invitation.

Benefits of Digital Wedding Invitation Video

  • Time Saver: Search of Printer, selection of good quality paper and such steps are eliminated.
  • Cost Saving: Negotiation on costs & design, content for wedding card, editing, proof reading all happens with jet speed and no need to travel anywhere. No need of courier or personal travel to drop the wedding card.
  • Trendy: You can have a theme searched on internet or from your personal liking develop a wedding theme & make it worth the Digital Wedding Invitation Video.
  • Affordable: Shoot a video, edit, re-edit, add effects, all can be done by yourself on your mobile, any DSLR you have or actually approach a video expert.
  • Eco-friendly: No waste of paper so you become a part of Save the Trees expedition.
  • Easy to Transmit : The mp4 files can be easily sent using various apps like Whatsapp, We Chat, Hike, Yahoo or Facebook Messenger, E-mail a link etc.
  • Personal Touch: You know you want to actually invite everyone, every friend, every relative in person but time constraints. Solution is right here in terms of Digital Wedding Invitation Video.
  • Confirmation/Cancellation: You can share a link along with the video to confirm the attendance to the wedding or cannot come flag selection.
  • Easy to carry the Invite: Your friends and relatives would have forgotten the print copy of wedding invitation but this can no more happen if you have sent them a digital one.
  • Reach in time: Maps attached for the wedding location turns out helpful & no need to speak to every one for road guidance except for the few people who are not aware of recent apps.

Shed that weight over your head & shoulders about the wedding cards just go for Digital Wedding Videos. You can approach Video experts or create on your own.

Digital Wedding Invitation

Digital Wedding Invitation | Image Resource :

Tips to create the Digital Wedding Videos

Select a theme: Eg. Roses, Traditional Wedding or Nature!

Prepare the rough content & select style for the invitation, now that it’s going to be a video see to it you express clear and loud, be yourself. Who’s going to be the part of video? Invitation can be customized. For example, your parent’s video is sent to elders & relatives while your video invitation can be sent to friends and relatives.

Just like Wedding invitation cards now a day’s Digital Videos are available, search for ideas & videos on internet or speak to Digital Video Makers Mix and match the themes, try out something that says who you are. Keep it simple or animated; enhance it with background music, songs Share a cause if it suits you which can be no gifts but collections will go to some NGO or Educational Trust. Shoot some videos; edit them for content, backgrounds, effects etc.

Products of all kinds, Apps, services all have gone digital. The meetings,, web-conferencing , E-Learning etc. have not only changed the business but enhanced the experience for all end users whether they are using any product or software for official or personal use. Make your or your dear and near ones wedding a Special Digital Experience with a Digital Wedding card Video.

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